You can actually help save the world by playing this Web3 game. 

Believe it or not.

I don’t usually endorse tile-matching games like Candy Crush. They’re obviously a gigantic waste of time and you could literally be doing anything else.

This time it’s actually different though bro.

Just hear me out.

I’m looking at a new Web3 game called My Lovely Planet.

This is like an updated version of Candy Crush – created by some of the team that made CC initially. This time  designed to make a positive contribution to the environment.

Basically, if you plant a tree in the game, they’ll plant one IRL. They promise to remove plastic from the oceans and protect ecosystems in the real world.

It sounds too good to be true.

I know and I’m skeptical too but here’s what’s interesting:

Mobile gaming is absolutely huge (if you already didn’t know).

Candy Crush has a ton of people playing it repeatedly. It’s nuts but that game generates over $1 Billion per year.  $1 billion every single year for over five years!

People just love that stupid game.

Now, My Lovely Planet has been working on their game for about two years (tile-matcher similar to CC). They have  a team that includes Ex Candy Crush Lead Designer (Nacho) and Art Director (Filip). There’s a large and growing user base and they’ve earned high user ratings in App and Play stores.

They seem destined to succeed.

If they do pull it off this model could make a tangible difference in parts of our world where it’s most needed.

To quote the late great Tibor Kalman:
“I’m not sure, but I’m optimistic.”

Not saying that you should (NFA ), but you can also be part of it all by buying the $MLC token. It will be released soon (April 2024).

I’m not a very dedicated gamer. I managed to spend a few 100 hours on Clash Royale and have a couple of pretty solid battle-tested decks to show for it… before that I was getting decent at Snake on my 98 Nokia 8210.

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