Guidelines for Writers & Content Creators

This document explains how we see coming to life.

It describes our TONE and VOICE PRINCIPLES and how we want to sound when someone reads the content on our site.

Who’s the Audience for HelloCrypto?

Here’s an example of a typical reader (Persona).

Name: Jason

Age: 35

Occupation: Product Design Lead

Jason has been working in the tech industry for over a decade.
He’s heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ETH, and even DOGE . He’s seen the NFTs like BAYC being endorsed by A-list celebrities like Eminem and Justin Bieber. It’s a lot of new info to try and take in.

He’s intrigued by the potential of all of this, but the technical jargon and the volatility of the crypto market are intimidating to newbs.

He’s got questions and concerns about investing in and using these new technologies and concepts for himself.

Jason wants to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and Web3.

He’s interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, but he wants to do so in a safe and informed manner. He wants to understand the real risks for himself.

He’s looking for a reliable source of information that can guide him through the process, from buying his first Bitcoin to understanding how to store and stake his digital assets.

Jason finds the technical jargon associated with cryptocurrencies confusing. He’s also concerned (justifiably) about the security of his digital assets and the volatility of the crypto market.

How HelloCrypto can help:
HelloCrypto’s straightforward, knowledgeable, and friendly approach can help Jason understand the basic fundamentals of using and investing in cryptocurrencies and what the evolution of Web3 means in this context.

Our content can guide him through the process of investing in cryptocurrencies, providing him with the information he needs to make informed decisions. The occasional use of humor and sarcasm will make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging – but don’t force it.

HelloCrypto Mission

We started HelloCrypto as a place to help people understand crypto and Web3 and to learn how to invest in and use them to create a better future.

We’re in crypto for the long term because we believe in the benefits it offers to people. Like freedom financial stability, digital security and not having to trust central bankers and corrupt governments.

Crypto is like a marathon. It’s also a rollercoaster. Occasionally even a rocket.

Obviously the best time for people to get started in crypto was back in 2009, but the next best time is today.

We don’t think people should wait until BTC actually gets to its next all-time high before they start doing any of this.

Our Brand Voice

We all know that getting started in crypto can be intimidating and confusing. We’re here to help people understand the basics and to get started on the right foot.

We’ll continue to offer insights and recommendations as our reader goes from complete NEWB to veteran HODLER.


Our voice should come across like an experienced friend — willing & able to offer good advice.


These are a few examples of our writing style. 

HelloCrypto should sound and read like this:

Confident — Casual

In other words:

Our voice is always matter of fact and straightforward.

We know from personal experience that we can help people and answer their questions. We’re not trying to convert people to a new crypto cult or shill some new meme coin or NFT project. We’ll never exaggerate or make overly bold claims. Just the facts and honest opinions.

Our approach is like having a conversation or sharing an idea. It’s not a lecture.

Simple and direct is key – BUT if there’s any chance to have some fun along the way, we’ll always take it. 


Qualified — Encouraging

In other words: 

We know what we’re talking about. We may not know everything but we have qualified, informed perspectives and first hand experience. 

A lot of our content is based on what we’ve learned through careful research and by having gone through a lot of this ourselves. 

Crypto investing is not always easy or intuitive, but it’s definitely possible. Anyone can figure it out with some guidance and a bit of encouragement. 


Straightforward — Honest

In other words:

We have our own ideas and opinions based on what we’ve learned, but things evolve quickly in this space. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time or promote anything we don’t understand and believe in.

This is the best advice we can offer. It’s what we tell our friends, our parents and our friends’ parents.

We’ve gotta get this stuff exactly right (and make it simple) especially  if we’re talking to your Dad. 


Disclaimer: HelloCrypto does not offer financial advice.

We will repeatedly say this though:
Do your own research.
Always be careful of scammers and things that sound too good to be true.
Never ever share your seed or recovery phrase.
Do not invest anything you can not afford to lose or think you may need back in under a year.
Do smaller test transactions.
Use cold storage for larger amounts or digital assets you plan to hold on to long term.
Start off with the basics.


Style Guide

Titles – Start with a compelling hook that delivers key information with minimal interpretation. 

Make bold statements. 

If the title sucks, the story will not get read. This is arguably the most important part of any post or article.
(Some sarcasm can be ok) 

Sentences – Use short sentences throughout. Try to drop transitions and unneeded adjectives or adverbs. Focus on getting clear straightforward  info to readers. Let the reader interpret it. 

Use abbreviations — we do not enjoy reading sentences when they sound like they were written by a robot from an 80s sitcom (like this).


Spelling and Capitalization 

Follow US English spelling suggestions

Capitalize names 

Capitalize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when talking about the blockchain network, the ledger, etc 

Use all caps for coin or token symbols like: BTC, ETH, MATIC 

Follow this for all cryptocurrencies. 


Sources and Further Reading

List any articles, official channels or content creators at the end of your post.